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Sheet Metal Stack Router RMS-30
This versatile conveyorized stack router is capable of routing stacks of aluminum sheets without requiring lag screws or rivets to hold the sheets to the base table.
Instead, the material is clamped to inexpensive plywood or cardboard. Through an innovative clamping and presser foot arrangement the cost and time of placing and removing rivets or lag screws is eliminated.
The conveyor option allows material to be fed in one end of the machine and finished parts out the other. No other stack router can match the increased productivity of the American GFM stack router.
Material loading table Material loading table Material offload table Material offload table
High speed spindle presser foot High speed spindle presser foot arrangement with integrated chip extraction system. Automatic tool changer and tool length check assembly Automatic tool changer and tool length check assembly.
Work Envelope (Sheet Size)
X-Axis (length) 3700mm
Y-Axis (width) 1600mm
Z-Axis (max. stack height) 12mm
X-Axis 0-25m/min.
Y-Axis 0-25m/min.
Z-Axis 0-15m/min.
Position Accuracy:
X, Y, Z-Axis +/- 0.05mm
High Speed Spindle
Power up to 30 KW
Speed up to 30 000 rpm
Tool Holder HSK 50 or HSK 63
Tool Changer
Location on machine gantry
Capacity 20 pockets
Control System:
GFM CNC 6000
Nesting System:
NS2 Nesting System accepts DXF or IGES-Files as geometric input, creates nests with maximum material utilization and allows definition of the routing process specific details (like tag definition etc.) to create part-programs in an optimal way for the routing machine.
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