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AGFM RM-30 Panal Router with Pods
The model RM-30 Panel Router equipped with programmable vacuum pods, provides manufacturers the ability to hold slightly curved or flat panels firmly in place during machining. Suction Pods The vacuum pods eliminate the need for hard tooling or sacrificial base materials required by some processes.
The above machine has about 850 individually programmable pods. A special software package will automatically determine the pods which need to be raised for holding the part, to avoid interference with the routing path. A special unit, called the height following system will ensure the router bit is always in the correct height for the panel, without having to program a complicated 3D tool path. Parts are accurately positioned using a locating bar with a fixed pin and an adjustable pin. The operator can also use the machine in a pendular two-zone operation or as a large single zone. The process is ideal for routing aluminum, composites, plastics or honeycomb sandwich materials. Part programs can be called up via barcode scanner and will be automatically loaded. The CNC6000 controller will determine the correct offsets depending on which zone scanned the program. Therefore, one part program can be run in any zone without reprogramming or operator intervention. The machine has a dust collection system built in, which will collect the dust during routing. Additional, each zone has a vacuum gantry, which can be called up via program or manually, to perform a cleaning cycle for any leftover dust.
Standard Work Envelope
X-Axis (length) 5460mm, Other length may be built to specification
Y-AXIS(width) 2430mm
Z-Axis (height) 250mm
Feed Rates
X, Y-Axis 0-20 m/min
Z-Axis 0-7.5 m/min
Positioning Accuracy
X, Y Axis +/- 0.075 mm
Z-Axis +/- 0.075 mm
High Speed Spindle
Power, Continuous 5kw - 7kw
Speed Variable 3000 - 45000 RPM
Tool Holder HSK 32
Tool Changer
TYPE Rotary drum system 8 pockets
Location Integrated on machine gantry
Control System
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