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AGFM NS2 Nesting System
  • Multitasking (several programs and users simultaneously on one or more terminals)
  •  Network ability from PC to main frames (particularly suitable for communication with a GFM CNC6000)
  • Fast and flexible nesting
  • Full integration between CAD system and cutting/routing machines
  • The system processes DXF and IGES drawing files, which are available with from most CAD systems
  • Nesting of the true geometry  (not an  approximation)
  • Nesting of parts with zero separation, even parts with complex curves and splines
  •  Possibility to process complex geometric elements such as splines, continuously through the entire system including cutting on a machine equipped with a CNC6000
  • Automatic recognition of inner and outer contours Parts can be placed in wholes of other parts. 
  • Parts can be placed in wholes of other parts which are in wholes of other parts. Etc..
  •  Nesting of predefined groups. (Parts can be nested so that they are close to each other in the final part programs).
  • Parts can be placed at any requested angles from 0 to 360 degrees
  • Enables full use of the GFM CNC6000 (e.g. corner smoothing, splines, overcutting, etc.)
  •  Full support of all machine functions (vacuum on/off, load material, etc.)
  • True tool path optimization for optimal cutting times.
  • Available automatic Text/Label positioning in the part programs.
  • On-line help and Comprehensive error messages and assistance in trouble shooting (i.e. new nesting required, re-cutting, etc.)
  •  Advanced Parameter management for truly flexible nesting and post processing.
  • The NS2 Nesting system supports several machines and/or materials and may be used simultaneously by several users. (Complete nesting orders are automatically separated according to different materials, to be processed by different machines).
  • Post processors work for all machine of the same type. Any combination from a CM-10 through a US-20 to a US-120 machine all have only 1 post processor.  
  • The NS2 nesting system is a modular system, in which all modules may be used independently (e.g.: manually generated part programs may be converted into CAD data and then be used for nesting,..).
  • Simple interface to a production planning system (PPS)
  • Easily adaptable to the specific production organization by the customer.
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