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Camshaft Milling Machine FNF-10

AGFM Camshaft Milling Machine FNF-10

Design of the Machine

Movements, such as turning of the workpiece (feed), opening and closing of the chucks and steady rests, are controlled by CNC. Therefore, no templates, stops and cam bars are necessary for the milling program. Different milling programs can be stored and recalled in the CNC memory according to the type of workpiece to be milled. Resetting from one workpiece to another is easily accomplished.
A special measuring device is used to feed back machining data to the CNC where a special electronic unit evaluates and activates these correction values into the part program.

Technical Data

O.D. of camshaft 25-75mm
Maximum work-piece length 1400 mm FNF 10/1
O.D. of milling cutter 500 mm
Plunge-cut speed 1000 mm/min
Work-piece rotation (feed) up to 20 in/min.
Spacing speed 10 m/min.
Cutting speed 100 – 140 m/min.
Total machine weight 16 tons (approximately)

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