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FKP20/30 Milling System

Mill mains and pins in one set-up
Cheek, chamfers and top counterweights
Mill 6 Mains Simultaneously

Typical applications are Large Trucks and Tractors

AGFM FKP-30 Crankshaft Milling Machine
Because the work piece is stationary during cutting, it can be rigidly chucked and rigidly clamped by steady rests. Therefore, FKP models can operate at higher metal removal rates.

FKP models can be equipped with either one or two cutter slides on which single or multiple cutter heads can be mounted. One and two slide machines have the same mechanical design. Production requirements determine which is more suitable for a particular application.

Utilizing microprocessor control, this model is ideal for long runs, for applications where a variety of crankshafts must be produced, or where crankshaft configuration is likely to change.

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