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Aging Aircraft Repair Initiative

AGFM / GFM and our Advanced Technologies Team of companies are bringing the same Total System approach to the problems and requirements of Aging Aircraft Repair Depots and Facilities that we developed for the requirements of the Advanced Composites Manufacturing Programs with our Advanced Fighter Aircraft Initiative (AFAI). Our Inspection and Repair Preparation Cells (IRPC) will enable Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Depots (see TIS), both military and commercial, to perform the required tasks at substantially lower cost, with less manpower and fewer man-hours, than is currently possible.

Please watch this video introduction for more detail.

Objectives of this Initiative

Develop understanding of processing and machining requirements for aging aircraft repair depot facilities.
Determine and develop optimum machine tool and inspection system configurations for the above requirements, utilizing mature, proven, high performance, advanced technologies already being utilized in advanced manufacturing, in addition to high performance concepts and technologies now in use in other types of applications.

Goals of this Initiative

Supply to aircraft repair depot facilities machine tool and repair preparation cells that will enable the depots to increase their throughput per man-hour, and to improve the performance of required tasks, with greater consistency, at substantially lower cost, and with better data, regarding the tasks that were performed.

Areas of primary focus

Digital data of all parts

Utilizing advanced laser scanning technology; data will be acquired and archived, detailing the current actual shapes of the parts to be repaired; creating a correct CAD model.

Non Destructive Inspection

Acquiring data from which a digital record can be archived that places the location of the defect in the above digital model.

Visualize directly on the part surface the locations and sizes of the defects

Utilizing advanced laser projection technology to “paint” the defects on the surface for visual inspection or for “second opinion”, using other NDI techniques.

Removal of defects using CNC Machine tool

With emphasis on eliminating requirements for special fixtures, and combining the use of routing and ultrasonic cutting; plus emphasis on accuracy and consistency. Also, highlighting advanced inspection processes and machine cell configurations utilizing new/unique methods of holding work pieces, 3-D non-contact work piece digitizing, resulting in less setup time and higher throughput.

Seamless Inspection and Repair Preparation Process

Integrating reverse engineering software, and utilizing advanced cell controllers, providing enhanced “Repair Preparation Cell” process management and controls; plus the ability to insert into the schedule replacement parts for Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations.


Providing revolutionary method of dealing with and utilizing remnants, which eliminates the need for recording and storing pertinent shape data for future use.
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