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AGFM Forging machines Type RF

AGFM SKK Forging Machine
Traditionally, GFM type SX machines are used for cogging large ingots, and for the production of long bars of round, square or rectangular cross sections, tapered or stepped shafts.
AGFM offer customer specific machines with manipulators and all required automation equipment.  The new generation radial forging machines type RF combine the technologies of a mechanical eccentric press with that of a hydraulic press.

The proven GFM developed machine control system and software provides great flexibility and ease of use.
Inputting the dimensional, technological & work piece data and tooling data, will allow the automatic generation of a CNC forging program, also showing area reductions, feed rates, stroke rate of forging tools (variable on the new type RF) within the machine parameters and forging temperatures.
Extensive finite element method simulations of the process in view of re-crystallization and grain refinement, as well as strain, stress and temperature distribution at each forging stroke have been taken into account.

Downloading the CNC forging programs from an external computer to the Radialforger control system memory will provide automatic operation, and ensures:
                      -  100% repeatability of forging process
                      -  Superior resultant material properties
                      -  High output rates with close tolerances and best surface finish
                      -  Accurate workplace temperature control enables long bars to be
                         forged within narrowest temperature windows
                      -  Highest operational flexibility

The basic concept of the type RF Radialforger is the same as the original SX type in that there are 4 dies operating radially on the work piece at 90 degree to each other.
The machine has the characteristics of full press load at any stroke position, due to the flywheel effect, very short contact time, and precise tool motion.
However, each of the four rams with forging tools is designed with an integrated hydraulic cylinder for adjustment of the forging dimension, which additionally has the function for variable stroke rates as well as for overload protection.
This concept is enlarging the technological possibilities to adapt the forging process for optimum results in addition to simplifying mechanics.

Suitable for Hot or Cold Forging

Designation TYPE Unit SKK-06 SKK-10 SKK-16 SKK-21 SKK-27
Largest starting size for hot forging of bars (for medium alloyed steels) forging diameter mm 60 100 160 210 270
square mm 50 90 140 180 230
max weight work piece t 0.1 0.18 0.5 0.8 1.2
Smallest forgeable size for hot forging of bars -min mm 9 30 40 50 50
-min mm 10 35 45 55 60
-flat max width mm 50 90 120 150 180
-min height mm 12.5 15 20 25 30
-max ratio thickness to width 1:4 1:6 1:6 1:6 1:6 1:6
Largest starting size for cold forging (guide number) mm 35 55 85 150 120
forging force/die MN 0.8 1.25 2.5 6 4
t 80 120 250 600 400
number of stroke side min-1 up to 1600 up to 1200 up to 800 up to 600 up to 400
adjustment range mm up to 60 up to 60 120 75 190
Max. power of the forging motors: (approx.) HP 100 175 270 800 1000
Total connected power (approx.) HP 135 270 485 1200 1300
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