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American GFM ( AGFM )
With hot forging, warm forging, cold forging, radial forging and swaging machines being supplied to over 400 steel processing companies around the world, you can be assured that our hot and cold forging machines along with radial forging and swaging are the very best in the industry.
Of great importance is the supremacy of GFM's unique technical methods, the groundwork for which, was carried out as long ago as 1946.
The development of forming with four forging tools on a single plane by the GFM founder Dr. Bruno Kralowetz, established completely new standards with regard to both quality and quantity.
The mechanical drive principle of the GFM machines has proved outstanding where the strictest quality demands must be met on an unlimited basis. A high degree of automation simultaneously eases the workload of the machine operators and minimizes the environmental burden.   Steel processing companies are certain to benefit from GFM precision forging machines. Particularly, as custom concepts are available in which the entire plant is designed to individual demands concerning the product and automation.   GFM customers are also assured of a full service for both machine and control systems from a single source.

2nd AGFM Machine, built 1948
AGFM Machine Serial#2, built in 1948
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