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Airbag Scoring Machine
Single or Double Station with full automatic tool changer
AGFM USS-40 Scoring Machine

The USS-40 was mainly developed to score materials to a very precise depth, thereby controlling the material left, and not the material cut.
This has become very important in the automotive industry for scoring dashboards. The "leftover" material must be exact, since it determines the force and direction in which the airbag deploys.
The machine is capable of mapping the surface of the required buck, tool or fixture directly on the machine. The built-in AGFM controller, known as the CNC6000 will create the mapping path and cutting path on its own, without the requirement of 3D programming systems. Once a program is created, the buck can be removed and put back at any time, without re-mapping. When creating the part program, the CNC6000 will also create a probing routine automatically which allows online rotation of the cutting path. Built in temperature monitoring of the environment will warn the operator about too much of a temperature change per time unit and will allow the operator to automatically recalibrate the machine. Automatic program generation also provides full poke-yoke compatibility. The tool length is constantly monitored and any deviation will cause the machine to automatically perform a destroy cut on the dashboard, so that safety is not jeopardized due to an imperfection in the score. To provide maximum throughput, the system can be configured with two stations, therefore allowing for loading and/or unloading while the machine is cutting.

For maximum versatility, the machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer and has the capability of also using a reciprocating tool, which provides a better cut quality for foam scoring.
Extensive tests from our customers have shown, that this method of slicing is far superior to older technologies such as lasers and water jets.

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